ICT Expo 2016
Since the year 2006, ICT Expos have taken on a significant role of raising awareness on the importance of Information and Communications Technology development and addressing the crucial challenges of our time. The first ICT Expo 2006, celebrated World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD-2006) and promoted ICT development to its visitors along with distinguished guests. ICT Expo 2015 was another milestone, as it showcased efficient solutions of Information and Communications technology for Government services and urban development. Hosted by the Information Technology, Post and Communications Authority, Government of Mongolia, Annual ICT Expo 2016 is to be held at Misheel Exhibition Center in Ulaanbaatar on May 18th – 22nd, 2016. For its 10th annual exhibition will be carried under name “Limitless Opportunities” also note WTISD-2016 and celebrate Mongolian ICT sector’s 95th anniversary. With 10-year development, ICT Expo plays a critical role in creating more communication and co-operation opportunities for domestic and international companies. It consists of three parts – conferences, exhibition and coherent featured events. Based on data statistics from 2006 to 2015, the number of participants, events, and visitors increased by 3-4 times, ICT Expo playing more and more influential role in the growth of entrepreneurs and start-ups and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

We look forward to meeting you in the ICT Expo 2016 at Misheel Exhibition Center.
ICT Expo 2016 welcomes you.

ICT Expo 2016 Missions
The mission of ICT Expo 2016:

ICT based Government services for better efficiency
Promotion of new ICT technologies
Strengthening cooperation between government organizations and private sectors
Implementation of smart government principles grounded on service oriented sound research, and governance of rule of law

The very first ICT Expo 2006 hosted by Information and Communications Technology Authority took place throughout May 17th to 21st 2006 in Misheel Exhibition Center. Mobicom Corporation (pioneer mobile network operator) was the general sponsor of the exhibition. ICT Expo 2006 celebrated Mongolian ICT sector’s 85th anniversary along with World Telecommunications and Information Society Day 2006. More that 50 companies participated and promoted ICT development to its visitors.

Information technology for beautiful city and better life

In “ICT-EXPO-2010” exhibition participated 62 companies, and successfully organized various activities including “Online content” national second forum, “Communications regulation-2010” forum, “Role of Information Communication for green economic development of Mongolia “Best essay-2010” research paper competition, cyber sport championship. In “I know ICT” essay and drawing competitions participated children of kindergarten and students of secondary schools.

Learn from the Past

Feel the Today

Build the Future

“ICT-90-EXPO” exhibition was organized under the slogan “Learn from the past, feel today and build the future”, the feature is participated international companies. In exhibition organized “My Future Information Technology” themed art competition and cyber sports 3rd championship.

“Connecting the future – New lifestyle”

Organised: May 17-23, 2013

General sponsor: Unitel Ltd.

Within the framework of the 92 anniversary of “The Modern ICT in Mongolia” and “World Day of Telecommunications and Information Society” ITPTA successfully organized the exhibition “ICT-EXPO- 2013” under the theme “Connecting the future – New lifestyle”, from May 17, 2013 to 21 May, 2013 in Exhibition Hall, Misheel Expo Center.

There were 5 international and foreign organizations, 60 enterprises operating in the field of ICT, 5 state organizations, mining companies operating using information technology advances, the school of Information, Communications Technology, 2 websites’ associations consolidating 130 sites, and 7 commercial televisions worked in cooperation. A total of 66150 people in duplicated number had seen the exhibition real time and online.

During the event, online dance competition named as “Flash Mob & Harlem shake”, computer graphics competition on “ICT for Life”, e-sports national championships, quick typing contest, computer assembly tournament were organized successfully. Also, the best nominees of ICT EXPO-2013 were selected and the certificates were awarded.

With the aim, to develop space technology in Mongolia and to involve this sector’s students, studying in the universities where national engineering and technical staff for space technology are prepared, there was organized first national competition on amateur satellite design, “KANSAT”, under the auspices of the Prime Minister of Mongolia. The competition will be organized every year.

Dedicated to 93rd anniversary of foundation of the modern communication sector in Mongolia, the 8th ICT Expo national exhibition was mounted May 22-26 in the “Misheel Expo” center.

This year’s action has been organized by the Agency of Information Technology, Post and Communication attracting 57 companies and 14 organizations. The biggest companies such as Skytel, Mobicom, Unitel and G-Mobile, and PC providers and TV channels have displayed their services.

The participant introduced to guests the latest progressive applications and explained their features. The very first searching system of Mongolia and a first E-application shop were inaugurated, and Skytel company opened its maps application as well.

The Second National Satellite CANSAT competition

The second national satellite CANSAT competition aimed to launch the National Satellite was also organized by the Information and Communications Technology and Post Authority of Mongolia (ICTA) with the sanction of Prime Minister Norov Altankhuyag.

CANSAT is an abbreviation of the two terms “can” and “satellite”. CANSAT will be a satellite that will be suited in a can. Such a satellite consists of only a GPS, censor to measure pressure and temperature, a tiny camera and only weighs 350 grams and can be fitted into a can.

CANSAT is launched using a rocket or air balloon. When it reaches a limited altitude it falls slowly with a parachute. During this time it can complete orders such as taking pictures, sharing information or analysis based on image and video.

The most of the prestigious universities of Mongolia have participated in the contest successfully.[/timeline_event][/timeline_event_ctn]

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